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CPG Marketing provides integrated services in the field of marketing and SMM.

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Let's take over the pages in social networks, make a beautiful visual, and write "delicious" texts for you.

>Website development

We create websites with cool visuals, work with edits, and guarantee constant technical support.

>Targeting and SEO optimization



>PR promotion

>Reputation management and analytics


We will research for your audience, set up a target and optimize the site for the requirements of search engines.
We will pack your brand from A to Z — we will develop the author's logos, select a corporate style and assemble a brand book.
Masterly shooting on the phone — we will select cool ideas and trends, write a script, and shoot and mount high-quality content.
Let's make sure that you are recognized on the street. We will develop a media promotion strategy for your target audience.
We will work carefully with your figures — we will analyze and evaluate the brand's reputation, destroy the negative and increase the number of positive mentions.


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